Jeffrey B. George

Jeffrey's photographs are stunning
in their depth of texture, light and emotion.

– John Lewallen, art director

Jeffrey Standing among sunflowers near Avila Beach, CAIn the past several years, Jeffrey B. George has traveled across the country capturing remarkable images of nature. He frequently sees beauty where most would miss it. Jeffrey is the kind of artist that brings joy, color and life to places like Death Valley. All of these things are already there in the desert; however, Jeffrey has the skill to seize rare beauty, in an encapsulated manner, and make it breathe life into an image. He photographs rusted metal and it becomes a symphony of color and pattern. A shot of a ravine covered in fall leaves becomes a slice of paradise. Jeffrey lives the natural world and his photographs are proof he bonds with it in a way most never dream. From a macro shot of a flower's center to an expansive impression of a vast landscape, his ability to bring meaningful feelings to his work is evident.

Jeffrey honors life and believes all that nature has to offer is sacred. He has a deep abiding respect for life and his photographs allow the viewer to have a profound relationship with both inanimate and breathing things both. There is no way one can view one of his images and not instantly feel closer to the spiritual core of Mother Earth or the impermanence of human artifice.

Capture Me?
Truly - Sweet Friend!
You surround me in rich colors,
Wrap me in film negatives and
Take me to a land of flowers, barns
Floating down a lake on a leaf.
You fill me such emotion:
My eyes feasting on such sights
Dreams that I am awake for,
Lost in a moment you created.
Each click of the shutter
I am here, there and everywhere
My words boundless as your images;
Longing to be as beautiful as
The places your camera sees
To be seen like nothing else.
You move me like no soul has
You capture all that life was meant
to possess; rich, warm, inviting colors--
I am Alive -
8 x 10

– Marla Brewer, poet

As a professional web designer for Mt. San Antonio College in Southern California, Jeffrey has made an art out of taking what might otherwise be mundane photographs and transforming them into an inviting story. He elevates these photos to works of art and beautifully integrates them into his masterful web designs. Although his digital canvas requires working in pixels instead of inches, Jeffrey can build an intriguing animation a third the height of a postage stamp that captures a viewer's attention. In this type of work he must make every pixel count. Whether working on creative interactive DVD titles for clients such as Nexxus and Sebastian, or web sites for educational and various clients, the team environment and creative collaboration is what Jeffrey loves most.

Jeffrey won a national award for a sunset photo he produced for Mt. SAC College. Even though his job description does not include creative photography, Jeffrey is someone with a vision and that frequently takes him out of the office to capture the visuals to enhance his work. Jeffrey's photographic-skills are high demand. He is vigilant with his intuition and this draws viewers to his compelling images.

With such a huge passion for photography, Jeff's journeys have included family trips as well as solo adventures. Jeffrey and his 4x4 truck have traveled over 226,000 miles together. He's been north to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, west to Kodiak Island and as far east as Maine. This has taken him to 30 States and 3 Canadian Provinces. His truck comes in handy whether in Death Valley, or Yosemite, or trips to Zion, Bryce, Arches, or Monterey Bay. He catches some sleep on a twin mattress stashed in the back of his truck before rising to capture a sunrise or ghost town on digital film. Jeffrey also enjoys his kayak. He has been able to kayak many remote and wet locations, affording him incredible views of shorelines. One of his favorite places to kayak is along the California coastline. Being a lover of natural light, the warm glow of late afternoon on the coast of California is a moving experience.

Jenny & Jeff at Yosemite Glacier Point with Half Dome behindJeffrey draws further inspiration from his companionship and travel with kindred spirit Jenny. They share an energy of creativity as they share experiences together. Jeffrey says "Every day there seems to be new windows into the world that we look through together, loving the opportunity to grow together."

Although many of Jeffrey's photographs end up unaltered, or with minimal corrective work done to them, he now enjoys the full range of available tools to finalize an image to his liking. Once, with a critical assertion that photography needed to be pure and stop at what the camera sees, he left his images, "as is." Now, he feels he is always working with nature and the artist that is alive inside of himself. As Jeffrey explains, "Ansel Adams mastered the dark room with his zone system by changing an image he had taken to fit his own visions. In time I came to the conclusion, "finishing" would become my vision, expanding my photographs from merely a the static capture of a scene into a painting from my soul."

His photography has moved me since I first gazed upon them. His eyes are like the words to my poems...they bring people in, capture them, hold them in place and transport them somewhere they never knew could exist. He has a gift to see that which no one else can see. His soul knows where to find that poppy field beyond a far off mountain down a dirt road no one travels along, or the stream no one has heard in years along a path strewn with leaves that have long left their branch, the reflection of a winter covered tree looming above a frozen lake or a simple rose bush a thousand people have walked by an never noticed. He finds the beauty in everything he comes across, he found it in me and in my words. He took my dusty book off the shelf, wiped it free of the heavy remnants that kept it closed and allowed me to open. He is a gift to me. He stuns me with his vision, leaves me breathless with his images and takes me into every photograph as if I were a part of it. He is as beautiful as all the things he brings to life with his eyes. He will always be a line in my favorite poem, the song I never tire of hearing and a star in my sky. One look at his photographs and you will be as I am...a poet who has found the ink to their take a deep breath...and prepare to have your eyes fall in love all over again. 
– Marla Brewer, poet

Jeffrey's entry to art began years ago with fundamentals in painting and drawing. He soon discovered that photography allowed him to capture and imprint the fascination he has with his surroundings and many times transform those images into his works of art. From that point on, his affection for photography blossomed. He realized one day, when he stopped to photograph a landscape, that he had knelt to capture a leaf, then a stone, then an interesting texture and - before he knew it - an hour had passed as he had intimately experienced with his camera the individual elements that comprised the larger landscape.

Textures are one of Jeffrey's big passions. Textures of rust, old weathered wood, items that look aged by time. Perhaps a dying leaf, or nature reclaiming structures that are manmade. The slow deterioration of objects humankind has constructed is a dynamic part of Jeffrey's art. His friends frequently comment that they think of Jeffrey when they see a rust-riddled object because he so often turns them into masterful images. Art Director John Lewallen has titled these works images of "Vibrant Death." Beyond the simple beauty of the photographed object, it is easy to be moved by Jeffrey's visuals because they are filled with amazing light at a moment when time is suspended. His longing to freeze time and enshrine what he sees connects the viewer to much of the delight and the bittersweetness of life.

This easily explains Jeffrey's interest in star gazing. He is fascinated by the Universe and will often pause just to contemplate starlight. It astonishes and charms him that the light from distant stars and galaxies arrives at Earth after starting a journey millenniums ago. Jeff believes that Light is an essential element in the human perception of time. Don't be surprised to find Jeff out in the desert night, looking to the heavens through his telescope lens or his camera, capturing images backwards and forwards in time.